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June 19, 2015: After 6 years of trying to convince South Shores Church that the Project Program is much too large for the parcel, is in a precarious, slide prone zone, is environmentally unsound and intrusive, CLEAN WATER NOW (CWN) has filed an appeal with the California Coastal Commission.

The appeal, drafted by CWN’s Executive Director Roger E. Bütow, petitions for a DE NOVO (as if heard for the first time) hearing before the Commission, and challenges the Dana Point City Council decision made on June 2, 2015.

June 2, 2015: Below are the documents & Power Points submitted to the Dana Point City Council by CWN, Todd Glen (TG) and Mrs. Josette Hatter regarding an appeal to over-turn the Planning Commission certification from April 6, 2015:

1) Appeal CWN & TG (joined as one PDF)
2) TG Power Point Presentation
3) CWN Power Point Presentation
4) Mrs. Josette Hatter presentation in three sections - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
5) Gary&Lynn Frye comments
6) LA Times -Dana Bluff Fails
7 ) Monarch Beach Specific Plan

Deadline for written Comments Appeal to DP City Council April 10, 2015
Meeting is June 2, 2015

Deadline for written Comments to Planning Commission regarding FEIR- March 10, 2015
Meeting is March 30, 2015

Deadline for Comments for SS Church Mega Expansions DEIR is - October 30, 2014

Addressing your Comments - email to: squreshy@danapoint.org or
by snail mail to: Saima Qureshy, Senior Planner, 33282 Golden Lantern, Suite 209, Dana Point 92629
include in subject area: SCH#-2009041129 South Shore Church Master Plan (proposed project) also include the following numbers: CDP#-04-11, CUP#-04-21, SDP#-04-31

Current update of calendar

Need help with your DEIR comments?
How to Make Your Comments Count.
CEQA Checklist in .DOC format: (link)
Use this easy method as your template.
Write directly into it and save time organizing your concerns.
The spaces automatically expand as you add information.

What's New?

The City of Dana Point issued the Draft Environmental Impact Report [“DEIR”] on the South Shores Church Project [the “Project”] on September 15, 2014. The report by Project consultant LSA is in 3 Volumes. Volume I has the Executive Summary and table of contents for the entire project. Volumes II and III contain public comments and reference data for the project. The CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) negative impacts and mitigations can be found on Pages 13-95 in Volume I. These are very large files which can take time to download. These documents can also be found on the City of Dana Point's web site.

We have a tight timeline, comments on the DEIR comments are due Thursday, October 30, 2014.For help in preparing your comments, see our guide "How to Make Your Comments Count." This CEQA Check List will give you help and an outline that you can type in to (it is a .DOC format). The areas that you feel need to be further address and stating your reasons can be compaired to the current DEIR's check list is in Volume 1 electronic page 17 to 95 There are 12 basic areas of comment with lots of sub-areas to stimulate your imagination. You may wish to find your original comments listed in Volume II electronic page 18.

Here is your dictionary for all the alphabet soup we are seeing in many document we are reading.
Find the Acronyms, Abbreviations & Definitions NPDES Permits that you need to understand.

You can find your submission to the original Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND), a public document, as well as your comments from the Scoping Session held at the DP Community Center in early 2010, using this link to Vol. II . These are large files that will take time to load if your computer is older or has limited memory. Scroll down to Page 18 for a list of submittals and continue on to find your own.

To read the entire DEIR documents -

Salt Creek Beach

This website is a place to get more information on the South Shores Church monolithic expansion and current VoMB issues, and to stay up to date on upcoming events. For more information on the project please see detailed documents on the Reference Documents Page in the Table of Contents.

Check out the photos, new photos and original submittals.

To see your original submittals to stop the massive South Shores Church environmentally invasive development use this link. This information may help you to create a new submittal for the recently released Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR).

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The Voices of Monarch Beach is a group of Dana Point residents and concerned home owners who want to preserve the enjoyment of their beautiful community and the nature that surrounds them. The VoMB want to hold the City of Dana Point responsible for all community development decisions affecting the enjoyment of the Salt Creek Corridor.

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