The document below was sent to our media list to alert them that the City, County and State over site Agencies have be apprised of the concerns listed below:

Date: October 14, 2014 10:23:59 AM PDT

These photos, 28 of 100 taken by Todd Glen, reveal that the entire bluff, all slope sections below South Shores Church no longer direct their surface runoff into the multiple v-ditch systems and on directly to the storm drain system unimpeded.

Salt Creek is a 303 (d) federally listed impaired waterbody.
Sediment transport as occurring forbidden under the City’s 2009 NPDES Stormwater Permit.
A pair of breeding federally listed endangered gnatcatchers reside there (or did).

Presently, v-ditches buried under at least 10 years of sediment no longer connect, capture or convey runoff from either SSC or the Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA), designated as Mitigation under the Monarch Beach Resort Specific Plan. Drainage is pell-mell. The sign reads: WILDLIFE ENHANCEMENT PROJECT

The crevasse, the extensive/large incision that has formed constitutes an ATTRACTIVE (children) as well as PUBLIC (general unsuspecting) NUISANCE.
This ravine needs an intervention NOW.

The pictures below do not lie.
These 28 photos with captions, along with oral & written testimony by VoMB & Clean Water Now alerting the City were delivered to the DP Planning Commission last night, 10/13/2014.

It is the opinion of Clean Water Now that until a strategy is progressed by unbiased engineers that addresses the following issues of concern, the SSC Project EIR certification should stop pending remedies that might alter the Final EIR elements (HYDROLOGY/WATER QUALITY, during and post-construction Water Quality Management Plan).

The SSC contend that they can abandon their detention basin and overflow v-ditch system (presently handles 3.5 acres), then re-direct an increase up to approximately 4 acres of their NEW surface flow, those flows can be contained within the existing v-ditch system that is dedicated to, presently ONLY drains Monarch Bay Villas HOA. This MBVHOA system was never intended, never designed to handle such increased flows.

The MBVHOA system becomes very steep in the lower section, increased flows from SSC, combined with MBVHOA, will due to velocity & over-burdening, potentially “top” the small, singular v-ditch, causing adjacent residential damage and eroding overflows into the ESA.

(a) Take action NOW. Repair and stabilization of the slope, including the filling of the crevasse and bolstering/armoring the bluff toe at the Trail. A short, mid and long term master plan needs to be collaboratively developed. Now, not after a Final EIR for the SSC Project has been ratified.

(b) Prominently placed WARNING/NO TRESPASSING signs with a substantial fence around the crevasse should be installed ASAP to help shelter the City, SSC and parcel owners from litigation.

(c) Maintenance & repairs made ASAP (b/4 it rains) to the existing multiple v-ditch and drainage systems, returning them to their original peak flow capacities, return the storm drain connectivity unimpeded, Misdirected flows which are presently eroding the entire soil-sloughing bluff on 2 sides (north & east-facing) at an increasingly alarming rate, “desertification” (degradation) obvious.

Roger Butow's walk-about of SSC Bluff Showing Erosion - Drainage - Attrative & Dangerous Play Areas

South Shores Church (SSC) southeast drainage to detention basin:
Approx. 3.5 acres per DEIR Report

Reverse view: Drainage facing detention basin (rear)

Denuded, desert-like, degraded slope due to increasing soil erosion.
Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) supporting native plants & indigenous animals washed away

ENTROPY: The only thing that can grow now? Cactus

V-ditche confluence near Pointe Monarch: Left side in photo is ESA drainage,
right side source is Monarch Beach Villa HOA v-ditch

V-ditch from ESA near Point Monarch

V-ditch confluence near Pointe Monarch: Left side is MBVHOA drainage, right is from ESA

V-ditch from ESA near Point Monarch

V-ditch from detention basin: Buried.

V-ditch from SSC detention basin: Buried.

Salt Creek Corridor Trail storm drain intake perimeter
buried under sediment near Pointe Monarch trailhead.

Salt Creek Corridor Trail storm drain intake near Pointe Monarch.
Note 12-15” deep in sediment from late 2010 storm event never removed.

Salt Creek Corridor Trail storm drain intake
system perimeter near Pointe Monarch.

Salt Creek Corridor Trail storm drain intake
system perimeter near Pointe Monarch.

Note denuded, heavily eroded meadow above

Gully readily visible (to the right) from SCC Trail

Perspective: Roger Bütow (Clean Water Now) is 6’1” tall

Gully now 20 feet deep, 40 feet wide, 200 feet long:
Due to erosion, no v-ditch or detention basin maintenance

An attractive & public nuisance. A negligent condition, a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Hully, hully gully

Ravine looking towards SCC Trail (note recreational users in background at the toe of the slope).

Gully looking towards SCC Trail

Upper section of gully exhibits multiple incisions below SSC.

North-facing v-ditch system & outlet to nowhere (broken off, in disrepair): Pours off of the broken concrete on the slope, does NOT connect/discharge into catch basin 250' below.
Slope below is heavily eroded, noted in oral/written complaints by CWN in 2009-10 to the SDRWQCB & City of DP.

Recently repaved apartment complex parking lot: Co-contributor along with SSC to north-facing v-ditch system.

ntake above north v-ditch: Outlet to nowhere

Recently patched around intake:
Lower parking lot is full of granulated pebbles & asphalt plus vehicular detritus (hydrocarbon sloughing)