Monarch Beach residents -

It's important for you to attend the March 4 Scoping Session on the proposed expansion by South Shores Church ["the Project"] to support and defend your property's future.
You may give oral comments, or you may just make a show of force with your neighbors.

But it's even more important that you write your concerns and send them to be received by close of business on March 22 to the address provided [see below] in the Notice of Preparation ["NOP"] for a Draft Environmental Impact Report ["Draft EIR"].

How do I write comments that will count?
You will be complaining about the failures/errors in the Initial Study already done on this Project. [This was also known as the Mitigated Negative Declaration, the deeply flawed "MND".] - See Reference Documents also see the results of the MND that states no significatnt effects on the environment ( see page 5-13)
Some examples of how to phrase your concerns to make them most effective:

1] The Initial Study failed to examine . . . .

2] The Initial Study is inaccurate about . . . .

3] The Initial Study should have examined this alternative: . . . . [for example, list ways in which the Project's goals might be accomplished in less environmentally destructive ways].

4] The Initial Study contains these bare conclusions unsupported by actual data: . . . .
[When the Initial Study said there would be no significant impact, or that the impact would be mitigated into insignificance, on an issue that you care about -- point out that hard data were not given to support that bare conclusion.
If possible, go further and present your own data demonstrating that the impact will in fact be significant.

5] The Initial Study addresses only the initial impact of . . . . It does not address the subsequent steps and cumulative effect of . . . .

6] The Initial Study contains some number tables but does not tell us in plain language exactly what the effect will be on [for example] every road and intersection the project will affect.

7] The Initial Study focuses on immediate streets, but does not address critical consequences for [for example] near-by major roads.

The preparers of the Draft EIR will be required to address every specific comment that any person makes. But if you just make general, universal philosophical points [for example, "Enough is enough!"], that requires no response [except "Comment so noted."]. So make your comments count -- state your concerns in a way that requires they be addressed.

Where do I send my comments [by March 22]?
You can send your comments in two ways:

(i) email them to Dana Point Senior Planner SAIMA QURESHY at -- or

(ii) regular mail them to:
City of Dana Point
Attention: Saima Qureshy, AICP, Senior Planner
33282 Golden Lantern
Dana Point, CA 92629-3568

Where is the March 4 Scoping Session?
It starts at 6:00 pm at:
Dana Point Community Center Gymnasium
34052 Del Obispo Street

Where can I find relevant documents/information?
Go to the website of Voices of Monarch Beach [VoMB ] --

If you've been waiting on the sidelines but care about your property's value, you need to get involved by March!