Water Violation Photo

Taken March 9,2010 by Mike Hazzard and Roger Von Bütow revisiting area below South Shores Church and adjacent to environmental sensitive habitat of the Gnatcatcher.

This is a close up of the pollutant pond along the trail near the intake catchbasin.......Once again, how can something this obvious have been ignored for so long? It's fairly large and can't be missed, and these plants didn't grow overnight.


SCSC Trail: Pond of Pollutants and Eutrophication...The intake I wrote about is in the first shot.
Not sure why I'm smiling, unless catching a chronic CWA & Porter-Cologne violator in the act merits one!


Pollutants flowing along the Salt Creek walking trail. Where does this come from?


Moving up a v-ditch which disappears into the silt, underbrush and darkness maybe one of the sources.


The V-ditches have not been maintained and are full of rocks and dirt for years.


A pool of stagnant water from up slope - breeding area for mosquitoes - with spring coming
West Nile Virus will be a big issue.

Discovering of one of the sources of water flowing out from the earth not the white pipe.

Closeup showing the force of the flow that ran from 1:00 to 1:30 - obviously from some timer controled source.

Water from the leak flowing down the V-ditch towards Salt Creek


Clogged outflow at bottom of one of the V-ditches