Current Issues

10-14-2014 Planning Commission Meeting Photos and Media Release with photos -stating all city, county and State regulatory agencies have been alerted to dangerous erosion below the SSC

09-27-2014 Pat McCarroll has up-dated "How to make your comments Count" a easy set of steps to make your concerns about SSC DEIR

The State Clearing House has finally posted the DEIR (its reception is backdated to 9/12/2014 Received by OPR (SCH) on 9/12/2014

We just received a notice, addressed to occupant or to yourself, in the mail today (09/17/2014) that there will be a Planning Commission Study Session at 6:00 pm., Monday, October 13, 2014 at the Dana Point Community Center Gym, 34052 Del Obispo Street, Dana Point. We will want all of you to attend and speak at this meeting. This is our first chance to have a big bite out of their Master Plan and their DEIR.

The previous Scoping Session held March 4th, 2010, had many negative reactions from the local homeowners affected by the over-sized South Shores Church expansion. One clearly composed letter by Josette Hatter has stated many of our concerns.

We made public the "Smoking Gun" Letter from Carol McDemott sent to Roger Butow and Robert F. Saint-Aubin with CC: to Mark McGuire. What is most interesting is the trail of this email, shown in the original colors, so you might easily follow who is responding. GG Kohlhagen is a recipient and as the font style changes a third person, Pastor Ty Guy , commented on the special relationship the Church has/had with the City of Dana Point.

This is a letter to the city attorney Patick Muñoz discussing the Letter from Carol McDermott (see link above) and putting the City on notice that it may have acted illegally and surely not in the best interest of all the citizens of Dana Point who elected the DPCC.


"Voices" is working to keep the information flowing to the residents of our Monarch Beach as to what is happening with developments in the area. See News Paper Articles

We are building a reference section of information about our area and project related documents.

Tiger Teams - we are in the selecting process of coordinators of each area of the CEQA check list. See page 148

We have a "VOMBers" meeting scheduled for September 24th, 2009.

We have had our 1st Press Release to introduce "Voices" to the media.

Ongoing Fundraising to support the long term causes for the Voices of Monarch Beach.