Donations to VOMB

Why are we asking for support, ie time, talent and/or money?

We need your support for the long-haul of VOMB's mission statement:
"To ensure the preservation of our cherished community by maintaining a strong and informed voice."

For those of us who have more free time - to walk our neighborhoods, to raise awareness of our neighbors, inform them what is currently happening within our city planning.

For those of you who have special talents - join in a "Tiger Team" to dig into areas of your unique ablities, to help understand the consequences of the city's actions with in our community of MONARCH BEACH.

For those of you "who are up to your eyebrows in alligators" and have little free time we need money to pay for our publications, website presence, environmental consultants, legal fees, and to protect MONARCH BEACH
form unreasonable and impactfull development.

The Voices of Monarch Beach is currently accepting donations to support their efforts in ethical Development in the City of Dana Point - MONARCH BEACH to ensure the enjoyment for all. Your donations will be used to support any Voices of Monarch Beach current issues. We have recieved some donations from members of the Voices of Monarch Beach to support our current concern of the expansion of the South Shores Church. Donations are currently being held in a California Attorney Trust Account and require multiple signatures to appropriate any funds. Your donations are appreciated and will be used in the best possible ways to ensure the enjoyment of Monarch Beach. To make donations please send them to:

(Note: Donations are not tax deductible)

Make Checks Payable to:
Brian Hazelbaker, Atty at Law Client Trust Account. (Note VOMB in Memo Line)

Mail Donations to:
R. Brian Hazelbaker
Law Offices
32325 South Coast Highway
Suite 204
Laguna Beach, CA 92651