Nature comes to our back door with fun neighbors. This is a designated Envirornmentally Sensitive Habitat Area (ESHA). The City alleges that this is not a wildlife corridor.

Thanks to Josette for these photos taken on the 19th April as she was checking the weather for a walk to the beach. What a surprise! Many of us are
aware of the special responsiblity we have of our environment and how the Church project will change it.

Pictures show Mule Deer and a California to be identified bird.

"This morning I went to our upstairs slider door to see what the weather for walking was like; imagine my surprise to see this doe (I think) right next door. She wasn't too shy, as I was able to take two shots with the cell phone I had in my pocket and then get my camera to get these photos. Also, there were at the same time two quail on Roberta's wall (only one in the photo though). The deer seemed to like the open path cut yesterday through the mustard."

Deer deer

Cal. Threaser Cal Threaser