Mudslide and Runoff Photos

The rain we had in Monarch Beach was a warning for us all. The hillsides along the Salt Creek Corridor can collapse. The photos taken on Jan 24, Feb. 2, & 3, 2010 show what runoff can do to a normal public walkway and the efforts required to clean up afterwards. (It will take a few minutes to download the images to your computer - it is worth the wait)

Jan. 24, after the rain. _ Mark's Photos
Feb 2, & Feb. 3, the evaluation of the slide – look for Roger in the pictures for size of the landslide
Feb. 4th, the clean up crew digs out four to five feet of mud, rubbish and debris from the hillside above

There is a major runoff water violation! This has several state agencies working on a violation evaluation - Mike Hazzard and Roger Von Bütow have been researching and taking photos - this violation was called to the attention of the City in an earlier complaint. (see next paragraph)

See Roger's Complaint CSS (ESHA), Gnatcatcher, Water Quality Feb 22, 2010. This complaint is bringing new attention to our area - urban runoff issues are still not being addressed, allowing breeding mosquitoes and the possibility of West Nile Virus.


Plan views of the proposed South Shores Church showing the over-building of a 6-acre site

Planned expansion - Pictorial rendering
Architectural plan view – highlighted property boundaries
Comparison of Arch. plans – showing existing and proposed

Visual, Air, Sunlight and Privacy impact of Pompeii Back Yards

23285 Pompeii