Yesterdays 9/ 16/2014 we had a little rain storm but the Church parking lot over flowed down the crib wall behind Marge's and Todd's house again. Thank goodness for the V-ditch. This is not new for us, see waterfall below.

The nature habitat has visitors - April 19. 2010 –

Photos of landslide due to rains in Jan/Feb.

The tree trimming and waterfall photos taken in Jan/Feb.

Night photos of waterfall off parking lot into MBVs backyards interesting.
Photo 1 photo 2

Story Poles of the Proposed South Shores Church – 35' high stakes showing corners of building showing volume and scale

View from Crown Valley – proposed Administration and Pre-school two story building
Sea Island at Crown Valley – Proposed Gymnasium Building
View from Corniche Sur Mer -– across the golf course view

Plan views of the Proposed South Shores Church showing the over-building of a 6-acre site

Planned expansion - Pictorial rendering
Architectural plan view – highlighted property boundaries
Comparison of Arch. plans – showing existing and proposed

Visual, Air, Sunlight and Privacy impact of Pompeii Back Yards

23285 Pompeii