Addressed to: Mayor Steven H. Weinberg, Kyle Butterworth, Director of Dana Point City Planning, Liz Anderson-Fitzgerald, Chairwoman, Dana Point Planning Commission, Members of the Dana Point City Council, Members of Dana Point Planning Commission, Douglas C. Chotkevys, Dana Point City Manager, and Patrick Munoz, Dana Point City Attorney,,,,,,,

By email March 5, 2010

RE: March 4, 2010 Public Scoping Meeting, South Shores Church Master Plan

Dear City Representatives,

I am writing to protest the structure of the public scoping meeting for the Draft EIR for the South Shores Church proposed Master Plan, SCH No. 2009041129. In no way was it actually a meeting, in the common sense of the word. It wasn’t even a presentation! Members of the community were not informed that they would be required to move individually from station to station to look at the project. They were deprived of opportunity to hear shared concerns from community members and to hear responses from the City, South Shores Church and from LSA. The structure of the “meeting” appeared to have been designed to reduce opportunity for verbal interaction and placed community members at a disadvantage. It was outrageous and I wonder if it was legal.

As a resident of Monarch Bay Villas, on Pompeii Drive, I am one of the residents who will be most impacted by the proposed project, as my property adjoins South Shores Church property. Many residents of this neighborhood are “seniors.” All but one of the owners on my street is over the age of 55; at age 57 I am one of the younger residents. I definitely believe that the city has behaved in a discriminating fashion against me and the other residents of my street and neighborhood.

I am also protesting the continued role of Ms. Saima Qureshy, AICP, as the Senior Planner on this project. She was nice enough to me, but was unable to handle direct and confrontational comments from others. Anyone could understand the stress that she is under, but the Senior Planner needs to be able to handle a wide range of personalities and discussions and she was not able to do so.


Josette S. Hatter