Public Comments

Nov. 4th, 2013 - VoMB requested that State Clearing House be notified (a REDO) of the Notice of Preparation that is now 4 years old. LSA said that normally a Draft EIR will be completed in 3 to 4 months with the Final EIR completed within 6 months. It has been almost four years since the Scoping Session, see below.

The opportunity to have public comments presented, heard, and shared during the March 4th, 2010 Scoping Session was sidetracked by a calculated procedure. The City Planning and Community Development used a series of tables with ballot box type containers to capture "spur of the moment" written comments from those of us who attended. The letter of protest written by a local resident to the entire city administration provides a clear sentiment felt by all of us who made an effort to attend this session hoping to be heard.


With the recent posting of South Shores Church proposed expansion project and their Notice of Preparation of a Draft EIR and Public Scoping meeting ( scroll down page to South Shores Church) and the Initial Study – VoMB responded with Public Comments at the Dana Point City Council Meeting of Feb. 8, 2010. Pat McCarroll, Roxanne Willinger and Todd Glen members of VoMB spoke to the recycling of the same tainted MND that was originally rejected by the City as inadequate. Now they are using the same document to promote the EIR. The City is moving ahead without an impartial, 3rd party consultant. No contract has been signed with LSA the selected consultant.

At this meeting the City Attorney is now claiming that CEQA does not require either (i) a contract with a consultant for the Scoping Session or (ii) an independent consultant to do the EIR.

VoMB feels that this is incorrect statement and is another example of the City's effort to bypass the intent of CEQA. The City is not an independent entity working for the well-being of the citizens of Dana Point, but as an advocate for SSC.