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10-27-2014 Pat McCarroll has up-dated "How to make your comments Count" a easy set of steps to make your concerns about SSC DEIR

10-21-2010 This is a new document just located and is important to our position. It is the Monarch Beach Resort Final Specific Plan (MBRFSP)
It is relevant because SSC & our subdivision are contiguous (border) in this land use plan.

The Draft Enviormental Inpact Report (DEIR) developed for the city of Dana Point by the company LSA has been made public as of 9/15/2014. This has been provided in three volumes Vol.I has the Executive Summary of the Master Plan for the proposal and the compleate table of contents for all three volumes. Vol.I, Vol.II, Vol.III These are large file and will take time to download to your computer.

You may also find it useful to review this state legislation: Complete Streets Act of 2008.

New info (Oct. 23, 2013) just recieved from the state what the City of DP did, but not shared with VoMB, a list of "Trustee and Responsible Agencies" that provide over-sight of DP_Planning.

The City of DP submitted to the Govener's Office of Planning and Research on Feb. 4, 2010 a Notice of Preparation for an EIR. Oct. 23, 2013, three years later, we have found the document.

2011 Government documents exsistance of new major fault ending in Dana Point

LSA - Their contact with City of Dana Point dated Feb 12, 2010. This the company that is developing the Draft Environmental Impact report. This second document is LSA's application to the City's Request for Proposals.

NOP – Notice of Preparation of Draft EIR posted Feb. 2nd scroll down to South Shores Church - Proposed expansion Project.

NI – Notice of Intent - This is a "New" old document with new first and last pages - it shows the intent of the City to recycle the tainted MND - Mitigated Negative Declaration developed by Cheryle Hodge dated April 24, 2009.

The June 20th Meeting with the 400+ conditions (see pg 7 for start) attached to the proposed MND. Good place to start questioning the project.

Here is the EIR Check list for your use. The 13 EIR catagories start on page 2 with detail questions to be answered on page 5.

EPA reins in Mountaintop Mining - Wall Street Journal

Six responses from Companies to write the EIR these link are large and will take time to download

      1. ESA - Environmental Science Associates - 66.4Mb
      2. LSA - LSA Associates, Inc. - 30.9 Mb
      3. MBA - Michael Brandmand Associates - 31.9 MB
      4. TPC - The Planning Center - 76.3 mb
      5. ULTRA - UltraSystems Inc. - 63.0 Mb
      6. VISTA - Vista Community Planners - 24.6 mb

Request for Proposal (RFP) by City of Dana Point

CEQA information - Great to find out what it can and cannot do

Gives a lay person an understanding about Fighting Bad Development Process

Check list from SSC's PMP - What Cheryle Hodge's team really said "No problems" see page 148

Example EIR – 2009 – Read to undersatnd that each "condition" presented must be address (in Pdf)

General Plan for City of Dana Point - Has all basic requirement for approving any building - Land Use Section - Hard copy page 21 (pdf pg 23) is focused on Monarch Beach.

Determining Tribal Boundaries Through Potsherds by Costance Cameron

Reference to disclosing non-profit financial records
Please note that there are two (2) Non-profits:
South Shores Baptist Church Incorporated in 1959 and
South Shores Church Foundation Incorporated in 2002

"Voices" Press Release (01)– 8-17-09 – Response to SSC Press PDF

SSC Press Release by GSI – 8-7-09 – Paster Guy's PR firms 1st release PDF

Tyler Guy's Letter to Neighbors – 8-7-09 PDF

Proposed Master Plan – original design of the South Shores Church PDF

Appendix Details of Proposed Master Plan PDF