Tree Trimming

The first time in seven years the SSBC has hired tree cutter to maintain their trees behind MBVs Photo taken Feb. 26 2010. Perhaps they are trying to be good neighbors? or more likely trying to state that they always maintain their property.


The man at the bottom of the picture is standing in the V-ditch behind the MBVs backyard wall.

This picture shows the one sidedness of their effort - cutting off the side near seen by MBVs leaving a series of stub branches. This was the "budget" tree trimmers.


It is not much better looking the opposite direction –

The land further to the south along the V-ditch has been scraped clear and never replanted.

With the rain in Jan/Feb. there were waterfalls, cascading and bouncing off the parking lot down the crib wall into out backyards. This flow continued down via too small V-ditch to overflow the catch basin below. It washed habitat topsoil away and eroded the hillside. This out flow final buried the drainage system along Salt Creek pathway under 4 feet of silt with all the parking lot pollutants.


These two photos taken by Marge Anderson under very low light conditions. This is where the tree trimmers were working in the above photos. A great place for a shower.